Metamorphecise is about the transformation within, the journey from the caterpillar to a butterfly. This book is a memoir of my personal journey of becoming spiritually enlightened and emerging into my true self. In it, I discuss the many challenges and losses that I have faced and worked through along the way, challenges that helped me grow into a better person. Life is filled with trials and tribulations; how we handle these challenges molds us into the people that we will become.

In the book, I also teach my readers how to help themselves and learn to become healthier and happier. I have learned that there is work that needs to be done. In the same way that we work on our bodies with exercise and good nutrition, we must work on our minds and spirits. I include daily rituals and homework that enable us to break free from old patterns. I teach others to break the patterns, change their thoughts, feed their mind with positivity and self-love, and set themselves free. My readers will learn to stop the mind chatter, clutter, and negative self-talk, stay away from people who drain their energy, and instead surround themselves with positive people that feed their soul and lift them up.

I have been a fitness instructor, spa and wellness center owner, and life coach most of my life, and I love to teach and educate people on how to live happy and fulfilled lives. What I have learned about myself throughout the last several years is that exercising the body is not enough; one must exercise the mind and spirit as well to become whole. I used to escape to exercise to find peace and forget about challenges in my life. What I wasn’t doing was silencing my mind and listening to my spirit to guide me.

This book tells my own personal story and explains the different stages of life that I had to go through to help me understand what my soul was trying to teach me. I needed to let go of many things from the past, stop worrying about the future, and just live in the moment. I needed to love myself more and stop trying to help others before myself. I needed to just be in the moment every second, every minute, every day. With the faith that I have always had in God, my higher source, and the universe, I needed to continue to move forward through challenges and losses, knowing that all will be okay. I was enough!

Meditation is a major component of my own personal growth and of my method for encouraging people to grow and become more spiritually enlightened. In the book and in my seminars, I teach that meditation should be done on a daily basis, between ten and sixty minutes at a time. It will be difficult at first, but it will become easier with practice, and I encourage my readers to keep practicing. When a person learns to silence their mind, the truth will reveal itself and you will know what your soul needs to become. Too many people live while tying their souls down. “Free your mind, and free your spirit” is my message.

I guide and teach how to live from a state of gratitude, love, joy, peace, and happiness. I believe that everyone deserves to live a life filled with abundance; the universe wants this for all of us. I am so happy to share a message of “Believe, and you will achieve greatness” and help my readers find out how simple it is to live a life filled with happiness. This book will offer simple and easy steps to strengthen my reader’s spiritually driven life and teach them to live from a more soul-centered place.

As a fitness professional and life coach in my daily life, I teach people how to exercise, eat healthy, feed their minds with positivity, and learn how to become healthier and happier. I teach people to want to learn and grow and live a life of longevity, here and now. My message both in person and in my book is that people do not need to wait for their lives to be better to become happier; they need to live now. I encourage people not to wait for the perfect job, perfect weight, or perfect mate but to be happy within, and all the others will come. Self-love and inner happiness are what you need to live a fulfilled life.

We all want to become healthier and happier, but who wants to learn and put the effort into your workouts to achieve the happiness? I am here to encourage my readers to do just that! These workouts include exercising the mind, body, and spirit, and they truly do work. It takes effort, but nothing in life comes easy. We must challenge ourselves to grow and emerge to a better state.

Great teachers have helped, guided, and blessed me throughout my own journey. I met amazing people along the way that didn’t even know they were guiding me to greater spiritual teachings. This is what I want Metamorphecise to do for my readers. I want to guide, teach, motivate, and inspire. We all want to emerge into the beautiful butterfly, expand our wings, and fly. Let me help guide you to become that butterfly.

Metamorphecise is the journey of becoming the beautiful butterfly that you were meant to be. We all start out as that little caterpillar squirming along through life. When and where we transform our minds, bodies, and spirits is where we can transform our lives and become the beautiful butterfly. Metamorphecise is the transformation within that a person must experience to emerge to the true self, the true you.

Come and experience this journey with me. Read and enjoy my experiences, and learn how I transformed. It is so simple to learn, grow, and be happy. I am so excited to share my Metamorphecise with others to teach them that they can do it too.



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Lisa Dwoskin

Lisa Dwoskin has a degree in both Psychology and Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami. She has owned and operated Metamorphecise Spa and Health Club in Pembroke Pines, Fla. She is a author, life coach, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor. Lisa lives, breathes, eats and sleeps fitness! Anyone that knows Lisa is drawn to her by her positive, magnetic personality and her knowledge and love for fitness. “Life is a gift and you must give back to truly enjoy it!” Lisa lives her life to help people, she believes that your mind is in control of your body, train your mind to be strong and positive is her motto! If you believe, you will achieve greatness

Preface September 28, 2014