Live Interview About Love, Friendship, Selflove, Truth, & Soulmates

Transform your mind, body, spirit with Lisa Dwoskin.

This Sunday’s show lineup is amazing.  LOVE.  The most powerful emotion.  How do we find it?  What is it?  How do we keep it alive?  This Sunday will be an AMAZING show about:  Love, Friendship, Self-love, Truth, Soulmates, and the Twin-Flame Phenomenon.  Tune into 94.3fm and Iheartradio app to listen or WATCH it LIVE on at 1pm EST.  Hear about a True Love Story between Carrie Campbell and Brian Grasso.  Next, learn about Twin Flame Love by The Flame Priestess, Sue Salgado. I am SUPER excited!!!  This show will be EPIC and I can’t wait, for you to call in and speak directly with us at 1-800-889-0267.

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