Healing and Coping strategies from Life Coach: Lisa Dwoskin

Lisa Dwoskin Metamorphecise

Transform your mind, body, spirit with Lisa Dwoskin.

Lisa Dwoskin MetamorpheciseI am back…..Transform your Mind, Body, and Spirit LIVE on Sunday at 1 pm. Real Radio 94.3fm/1230am. Get the Iheartradio app to listen or watch it on lisadwoskin.com or Amp2.tv. I will be discussing the recent events that have taken place in the World around us, and how to find coping and healing strategies to get ourselves in a better state of mind. I am a Life Coach and I like to educate people on living healthier and happier lives. I will be having callers join me and sharing their perspectives and healing advice. Please call in and ask questions or share your opinions with me between 1-2 pm EST, Sunday at 800-889-0267. I want to hear from you


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