5 Ways To Get A Healthier Body & Mind

Healthy Mind Body

Our minds control our bodies and we need to free our mind to be clear and peaceful in order to reach our Fitness goals. My favorite quote from Tosca Reno is, “With a Positive Mind, Our bodies will React accordingly.” I want to go over five easy and helpful ways to free your mind and get on your way to a healthier body.

First, start meditating to silence your mind and listen to your soul, or your inner voice. Meditation allows you to relax your mind and free your spirit. Simply google :guided meditation and listen 10 min a day, it will work. Once, you can relax and have more time, do it for 30-60 min everyday. Second, from the minute you arise in the morning, feed your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. Be kind and loving to yourself, and accept whatever feelings that you feel at the moment. Third, fit in 30 min of exercise throughout the day. You do NOT have to join a gym to exercise. You can simply walk out your door and take a walk, jog, run, or sprint. Fourth, shut OFF the cell phone and any electronics for the 30 min that you are exercising. You need to free your mind, in order to get the endorphin rush that exercise will give you. If you are on the phone, working or arguing with others, this will not allow your mind to be at peace. While exercising outdoors, you can take in the nature of the trees, birds, sky, ocean, mountains and so on, this will soothe your soul. Last, do NOT be so hard on yourself with unrealistic goals. Forget those New Year resolutions, summer bikini dreams, holiday diet crunch etc. Set lifestyle changes and choices that are realistic for long term and everyday goals. Make your mind, body, and spirit goals a daily practice. Make time for yourself daily, even if it for just 30 min. You can exercise, meditate, say positive affirmations, immerse yourself in nature ALL at the same time on a walk outdoors.

Healthy Body MindDo not make the mistake that many others are making with using drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs to feel better. These are all temporary fixes that do NOT work long term, and are not healthy for longevity of life. Make a choice today to heal your mind, body, and spirit, YOU are worth it. With a stronger and more peaceful mind, you can accomplish anything! Not only will this allow you to become fitter, and healthier, but it will also give you the capacity to be able to deal with any stressors that life hands to you. In today’s society, we are ALL struggling and being faced with many trials and tribulations. If each and every one of you were able to quite your mind and reach a more peaceful place, this world would be much better for our children’s future! Namaste.

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